Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lovely Layout-Simple Circle

You wouldn't initially think that a simple circle would be a dynamic element on a scrapbook page but Heather Summers (one of my MDS mentors!) came up with one of my favourite layouts! First, check out Heather's page here!

Now here's my take on her example.

 is it done?
  1. Choose the "photo layout" that makes your entire page a photo. Fill that photo box with the photo of your choice (keeping in mind that only the outside edge will show after you place your circle).
  2. Add a circle punch. Resize the punch to make it larger in diameter than the page. Reposition it so it leaves about 1/4 to a 1/3 of your background photo visible.
  3. Fill the punch with the colour or DSP of your choice.
  4. Insert a square punch on top of your circle punch and change it to the colour or DSP of your choice.
  5. Insert several photo boxes on top of your square punch. Resize the photos as you wish and fill them with the pictures of your choice.
  6. Add text for the title and any journaling (a description of the page).
  7. Voila! You made a gorgeous page in no time at all!
Have fun playing with this layout and I'd love to see your results! Please feel free to upload them to and/or email them to me ( so I can showcase your accomplishment!

Happy MDS'ing!

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