Monday, July 25, 2011

Slap on the Wrist!

When I started up this blog, I had the admirable thought of posting an entry on every week day. For the first couple of weeks I did really well...I even got a post or two in on weekends, too! Life however, has been a bit nutty this week.

My daughter and I are getting ready to go on vacation and my to-do list has gotten a little out of hand. plan of having posts scheduled to go up while I'm out of town has unfortunately gone out the window. I wish I either had a laptop so I could scrapbook and post blog entries while on vacation or that My Digital Studio would be available in an online version so that I could scrapbook and post blog entries from ANY computer. Wouldn't that be great?

Oh well...I can't always get what I want. We are however, heading off to a beautiful part of the country so I'll have LOTS of material to scrapbook in My Digital Studio upon my return!!!

So...please accept my heartfelt apologies for my blogging scarcity lately and I'll be back with new posts in the second week of August (if not sooner).

Keep on MDS'ing while I'm gone (and feel free to email your creations...I could post them while I'm gallivanting around British Columbia)!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Exciting Sneak Peak & Realization At The Same Time!

First, let me apologize for being MIA the past few days. I was a busy little bee this past weekend doing house work and yard work in preparation for an upcoming vacation in a few days, then Sunday night and all day Monday I was stricken with a brutal migraine. Those migraines always hit at the WORST times! I was eagerly following the events and festivities at Stampin' Up!'s 2011 Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah July 13th to 16th from the comfort of my computer desk, I was absolutely stunned at the projects they revealed using products from the NEW Holiday Mini Catalogue that will kick in on September 1st!

This photo in particular, caught my attention!