Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Have Arrived!...

The anticipation and excitement of getting to your destination always makes the trip seem 10 times longer than it really is.  We had about 8 hours of travel time which included 2 flights and a 2 hour layover in small-town airport with no amenities (NOT impressed!), however, all of this effort disappears when you arrive and discover that your accommodations are just as nice as you'd hoped they would be.

Here's a 2 page spread of the condo we rented for the 6 of us using the Noteworthy Digital Kit available as a Hostess item only.  Do you want your own copy of this digital kit?  Book a workshop with a few of your friends or family and if the party's sales reach $200 you get $35 Hostess Reward dollars to spend on Hostess items or anything else in the catalogues.  That's more than enough to purchase this Digital Kit and other items, too!

I had hoped that these would be laid out side by side in my blog entry but they're too big.  The top page is the left side of the 2-page spread and the bottom page is the right side.   I've allowed a little space on the left side of the bottom page so that the journalling doesn't get lost in the crease of the book when it's all put together.

Happy MDS'ing,

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