Friday, August 12, 2011

A Happy Surprise!

Sometimes when you're "crafting" you have specific plans for a specific project and you putter away at executing that plan.  Other times (like today), you sit down at your work surface (desk, couch, kitchen table, etc) and "fake it 'till you make it".

Today's scrapbook page was one of those unexpected happy surprises!  I hope you like it as much as I do.

All I knew when I started this page was that I wanted to use this picture.  I tried it as a full size 12 x 12 image but couldn't decide what to place or embellish on top of it.  Then I tried putting it on the bottom half of the page.   It still didn't "grab" me.  I ended up with it on the right but had a hard time choosing a background colour.  Then (this was my aha! moment) I remembered about the "color picker" feature in Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio.  It allows you to colour-match components to something else on the page.  This was the key to my success!  The next thing I knew I had reshaped several square punch shapes into a grid pattern, added a "torn edge" stamp to soften the transition, found a decorative edge stamp for the bottom and trolled through my fonts for something with a similar "feel".

Voila!  A happy surprise (in a matter of 30 minutes)!

Happy MDS'ing everyone!!

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