Sunday, June 26, 2011

Testing The Water...

Over the past 5 years since my sister-in-law Jenn introduced me to the "blogosphere" (the world of blogging) and thanks largely to my Google Reader (oh, Google I love THEE!), I have read probably upwards of 250,000+ blog entries.  Many of these are news articles, some are short stories, anecdotes, little nuggets of wisdom, random thoughts, questions plaquing humanity and the list goes on and on and on and on (you get the idea!).  Those stories have run the gamut from happy, sad, congratulatory, tragic, heart-wrenching, victorious, persistent, uplifting, thought-provoking, agitating, compelling and so much more...

Now, sitting on the other side of the fence I can't help but there anyone out there who's plunked themselves in front of my little piece of blog-property?  If no...that's okay.  I've got to start somewhere, right?  Plus, I haven't "written" since high school and I quite enjoy it so it's nice to let my mind ramble for a few minutes each day.  If yes, though...please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments!  What part of the world are you in?  Are you a paper-crafter?  Have you ever tried MDS?  Do you have wiener dogs like me or any other pets? (If you're a cat person-I promise I'll still like you anyway.  Just teasing...I do like cats but not as much as dogs.) How did you find me?  Is there something about paper-crafting, Stampin' Up!, My Digital Studio or dachshunds that you'd like to hear about?  Come on in...and say Hi!

I think it might be fun to get some audience input each week and produce a Funky Friday MDS creation from YOUR suggestions!  So...leave me a comment with your 3 favourite colours...and I'll pick one set, produce an MDS page and post it on Friday and give you the credit for the inspiration!!!

Can't wait to "meet" you and see what colour combinations you suggest!

Take care,

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