Monday, June 27, 2011

Photo Layouts-Your Second Best Friend

Previously, I talked about how Stampin' Up!'s Designer Templates in My Digital Studio make digital scrapbooking SO easy that anyone from 5 to 105 could make a scrapbook page in minutes!  Well, hopefully you've installed your MDS software and played with a couple of Designer Templates to get the hang of things so...let's take another step and try a photo layout page.

When you're creating a new project and you're at the screen with 3 horizontal rectangles titled (from top to bottom) "Designer Template", "Photo Layout" and "Create Your Own", click on the Photo Layout option.  In this case, instead of all of the work being done for you already...only some of the work has been done for you.  There are a number of layout options to choose from ranging from 1 large photo on the page to 9 or even 16 photos on a page.

Choose the layout of your choice and once your page has loaded, you can drag & drop your pictures like you've done with Designer Layouts.  Now here comes the good get to choose whether or not to add any colour, patterns or embellishments!  Now come on!  I think I heard a collective groan spread right across the "blogosphere".  Don't give me those excuses "that you're not creative" or "that you don't know where to start".  Sure you do!  You've already chosen a layout and your pictures! 

Here's a little trick.  Sit back and look at the pictures you've chosen.  Are there any colours that stand out to you?  Does the colour palette of the photos evoke any particular feelings, emotions or memories?  When you take a moment to look at what you've chosen, you're likely to find a couple of colours that are more prominent than others.  So...pick a patterned paper for the background with one or two of those colours in it then pick some solid coloured text and maybe a ribbon or a few buttons. 

Voila!  You just "DESIGNED" a scrapbook page!  Congratulations! 

Here's a little sample of a photo layout that I pieced together for my vacation scrapbook.

Take care!

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