Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Slap On The Wrist!!

Well, it's official!  I'm a HORRIBLE blogger!  My last post was October 4th and I've barely had a moment to sit at the computer ever since.  I'm sure you don't need me to bore you with a bunch of excuses...let's just say, I've been a busy beaver!!  So, now that I'm back I'll use this post as a "round up" for the month to get anyone out there who might have been paying attention before I fell off the face of the planet caught up on all of the exciting things going on in the paper crafting world at Stampin' Up!!

Okay, we'll start with the most amazing starter kit promotion!  If you want to save 20% on your Stampin' Up! supplies (or more!) and you love free stuff...this is for you!

Next, there's a great promotion that's perfect for anyone who doesn't think they're creative or the Simply Sent kits make GREAT gift items.  Check it out!

Last (but not least!) there's a NEW kind of stamp in town! Silicone cookie stamps!  Have you ever seen anything so cute?

Now I wouldn't be the MDS Enthusiast that I claim to be if I didn't bring you up to date on all of the WICKED new digital downloads!  I'll post the .pdf files for each week's releases (summarizing September) and the 3 weeks so far this month in October.  I dare you to check it out without ordering!

Whew!  That was a long one!  Well, if you're still with me by the end of this post...pat yourself on the back for your perseverance.  Well done.  This brings us up to date for the moment and in the next few days I'll have some posts showcasing the cards I've been making recently.  

Take care & happy MDS'ing!!


  1. Dear Lori. I love your blog. Everything is so well explained. Great layout. I look forward seeing more of your Digi SU pages. I added myself as a follower to your blog through SU Connection. You're welcome to take a peek at my blog and become a follower as well :) Here is teh link to my blog, I would love to have you visit. I am still in the beginning stage of Digital scrapbooking.. It's so hard.. Maybe I can learn some tricks from you.

    Inky hugs, Pauline

  2. I'm following you from SC. I'm #302.

  3. Consider yourself slapped from one horrible blogger to another, LOL! I'm following you from SC. I'm #1 on List A...stop on by some time!

    Chanda Stehlik

  4. Thanks so much for your comments, ladies! These are the first comments I've ever had so I'm just a wee bit excited!
    I've added each of your blogs to my Google Reader so that I can follow you, too!